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Fork Mountain Bees are raised ​chemical free.  The small (4.9mm) cell size helps our bees be naturally resistant to certain types of pests. The bees are some of the most gentle bees available. The queens are open mated and are selectively chosen for their desired traits ensuring a well mannered hive. Bee equipment is produced here at the bee yard in the wood working shop. All of our wax foundation is made from chemical free bees wax. Bee classes are available in group classes or 1 on 1 sessions. To learn more, please contact us. We look forward to serving you and your bee keeping needs! (Click on link below to see available products.)  Thank you for your support!
Jamey, Kellie & the Kelsey Crew
Fork Mountain is a small community in Northeast Alabama on the Cumberland Plateau. We have dug our roots in deep here among our family and life-long friends. We are working together to raise bees, raise our family and make a living while we're at it. Whether you are looking at raising bees as a hobby or you are a more serious beekeeper, we invite you to learn a little, laugh a little and get to know us better through our blog- ​​​On the Farm. (Click on link below to view the blog.) You can also like us on FaceBook. There you'll find tips on beekeeping, photos and little bits of the fun that come from being a part of a large family. There's rarely a dull moment here at Fork Mountain Bees!
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